18" 223 WYLDE w/15" Don't Thread on Me Handguard

Complete Upper Receiver

Assembled AR15 complete upper receiver

Unique AR's Handguard


18" 223 WYLDE Complete Upper Receiver w/15" Don't Thread on Me Handguard


  • 18" 223 WYLDE HBAR Barrel
  • 15" Don't Thread On Me Unique AR Handguard
  • Crusher Flash Hider
  • Gas Tube
  • Micro Gas Block
  • Complete Upper Receiver Assembly w/Engraved Dust Cover
  • Standard Charging Handle
  • Crush Washer
  • Bolt Carrier Group
Caliber 2.23 WYLDE/5.56
Length 18"
Completes Pre-Built

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Complete Upper Receiver